Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blog Sale!

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MAC Limited Edition Eyeshadows $7
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Proactiv Refining Mask

You know when you just can't not have something? You must always keep it stocked in your house?
Thats how I feel about this Refining Mask. To me, its that never let you down friend thats always there for you when you have two huge pimples on your face and a really important date to go on in a few days kind of product. Phew, say that 10 times fast.

I have been using Proactiv for years. Like YEARS. Like we're talking junior high years, and thats a lot of years. It was just something we always had around. At the time it was the newest ground breaking acne product on the market, and I think everybody and their mother was using it. Well at least my friends and their mothers.

I recently endured a lovely (sarcasm?) breakout which caused me to quarantine myself in my house
and shun myself from society. Oh it was that bad. So bad. I'm still recovering emotionally.

I do really believe that one of the only reasons why we keep men around is because every now and then a little light bulb will appear above their heads and they actually make sense. In my case, it was when mid cry my boyfriend said "Don't you still have some of that stuff?" Ask me how I knew what he was talking about. I have no clue.

My Refining Mask. Yes. Hidden behind the toothpaste, razors, vitamins, and other things
that probably have expired years ago. I used it on my face, went to bed, and then some angels
sang a sweet song about acne free skin. It was beautiful. My skin felt lovely and I could feel
everything shrinking. I wonder if it could have the same effect on my thighs?

5 Paragraphs later, I featured it in my Current Favorite Skin Care video. I spoke about how much I loved it and how it really had a hand in clearing up my skin. Proactiv saw it, and then graciously sent me over another bottle as well as a few other products I'm looking forward to trying. What I did notice, though, is that the bottle was different? How could they change my beloved refining mask? I cried a little bit, then got over it, then decided to put them both to the test.

The bottles themselves are the same, but the wording is a bit different.
Original(right) "Combination Therapy"
New(left) "Deep Cleans, helps minimize pores"

Both are still 2.5oz



One difference I did notice was that the cream of the newer one had a lot more firmness to it then the older one. I don't know why, and its probably just because my original bottle is kinda old, but I thought that was something to note. I actually like it firmer. Its easier to control.

Another thing to note, is that the beady-ness of the original is not to be found in the newer one. You
can see in the above picture that the texture is a lot more smooth and much more cream/moisturizer like then the original. Something I also like, since I like to use this stuff pretty often. Always having an exfoliant type of texture can sometimes be harsh on your skin. I also think it makes it much better to use as an actual mask vs just a spot treatment.

I normally do use this as a spot treatment rather then a full on mask and I love the way it works. The sulfur in the formula dries up the blemish just enough but not enough to dry up your skin as well. Also to note, I would never use the original formula as a mask because of the beady-ness feel it had to it. The creaminess of the newer one is a lot, A LOT more comfortable to put all over.

Heres a quick picture of my skin today post workout. Not the greatest quality, but no makeup, or touch ups. My skin looks and feels great, minus my lovely bags since my body doesn't know what sleep is. Did I mention I just worked out? You're jealous of my Johnny Bravo hair.

I love my Refining Mask, and I'm happy I got to compare my older version to the newer one. In reality they both still perform the exact same way and still leave my face feeling nice and happy. Me loves it.

NOW if only they can make it smell better! :D

* This post contains a sample sent by Proactiv

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Formal Affair

My outfit I wore to a family event I had over the weekend

DRESS: ASOS (I had mine altered by a seamstress)